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  • Twilight at Crooked Sapling Pond. Juniper Wilderness Area, 2019.

    Twilight at Crooked Sapling Pond

    Pine flatwoods line the edge of Crooked Sapling Pond in the Juniper Prairie Wilderness of Ocala National Forest. Vast shallow ponds and grass prairies connect ancient dune islands along this portion of the Florida Trail.

  • A Drowned Forest on the Ocklawaha River

    A Drowned Forest on the Ocklawaha River

    Moisture-heavy clouds move across a drowned forest on the Ocklawaha River early in the morning.

  • Pond Cypress 01

    Pond Cypress 01

    Pond Cypress grow in the shallow, pocketed depressions found in Florida’s flatwoods. Here, acidic, slow-moving water seeps below ground.

  • Egret at Fort Mose

    Egret at Fort Mose 01

    Considered a precursor to the Underground Railroad, Fort Mose Historic State Park was the first legally sanctioned free black community in what would become the United States.