On leaving the church

Manuscript from a speech presented on September 24, 2018 to the 2018 Pastors Conference of the Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The topic of the conference was The Gospel In A Secular Age. 

This Line

  There is a stain on the edge of the forest. There is a line marring the woods.   This line, it is a recent memory. A dream, perspiring from the pores of the trees. A dream, clinging to you long after you slip away.   You almost have to blur your eyes to see …

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Clearing the path

More than 33 years ago, the North Florida Trailblazers made it their mission to protect and maintain an 18-inch-wide strip of hiking trail known as the Florida National Scenic Trail. The trail, popular with backpackers and day hikers alike, runs more than 1,000 miles from the cypress sloughs of the Everglades to the sand dunes of Gulf Islands National Seashore in the Panhandle.

Why I Dive: Reclaiming food's value and joy

It is sometime past sunset. The world is dark and the noise of traffic has settled down for the night. I am standing in a dumpster with a smile stretched across my face, visualizing homemade apple cider, massive green salads bursting with fireworks of peppers and tomatoes, and a special treat to add to a smoothie: blueberries.