Why I Dive: Reclaiming food's value and joy

It is sometime past sunset. The world is dark and the noise of traffic has settled down for the night. I am standing in a dumpster with a smile stretched across my face, visualizing homemade apple cider, massive green salads bursting with fireworks of peppers and tomatoes, and a special treat to add to a smoothie: blueberries.

Haynes Creek

Ryan Cantey paddles the upper Ocklawaha as sun breaks through the trees.

Sunlight breaks into shards of shattered glass, shining spotlights under the bridge. Haynes Creek, a slow-moving river in central Florida, ripples beneath the light. A damselfly rests upon a lily-pad, its shadow pulled downstream.

Key West

Jodi paddling the Everglades

Today was different from every day we’ve had so far.  Today Key West is in our sights.  My body was bouncing this morning with energy.  I could feel myself jumping up and down inside.  I would jump up into the clouds and drift for a moment, and then come racing back to earth.  Today I felt like we were actually achieving something.